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Welcome to the online store of Vector Oils which is one of the leading manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of Cooking Oil in Turkey. Cooking Oil is an essential part of our daily food requirements. To cook or prepare anything in our daily life we need edible oil and it’s always tough to find the best and most reliable brand. Now it’s the end of your worry as Vector Oils is one of the trusted names that has been in the field of Cooking Oil for more than 25 years.

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Vector Oils has a team of experienced professionals responsible for market research, servicing existing customers, and sourcing quality products and pricing policies.

Vector Oils

Vector Oils is located in instambul and is trading in Vegetable Oil, and others around the globe. The mission of the company is to take a leading position in the market.

Vector Oils

To ensure the best delivery conditions, we cooperate with large transport and logistics companies, which guarantees prompt delivery of the goods to anywhere in the world.


At Vector Oils, it’s our mission to deliver quality products while providing reliable services. We strive to be its clients’ first choice for procurement of Vegetable Oils etc, and ensures outstanding quality at competitive costs by working faster, simpler, and together.


  • Build Enduring professional relationships
  • Engage in mutually beneficial business practices

  • Ensure social responsibility


We believe in working closely together with the local experts. Since you have the best know how of your market, you get a high level of involvement to supply your growers with the best solutions to meet their needs. By partnering with us you become the local expert.

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