Coconut Oil

virgin coconut oil is an all-natural cooking oil, free of harmful chemicals and pesticides. The oil is extracted from high-quality organic fresh coconuts that undergo no processing after harvesting. After it’s cold-pressed out of the dried coconut meat, the oil does not need any further refining or processing. It is solid at room temperature and white in colour, it clarifies, however, when exposed to heat and turns into a transparent liquid. High-quality organic virgin coconut oil is acknowledged for its mild aroma and flavour that does not alter or overpower food flavours.



Virgin Coconut oil for sale is produced from the fresh meat of the coconut. It is called Virgin because it is extracted from a single press, from fresh coconut meat that is grated and dried for a couple of hours at a temperature lower than 40 degrees Celsius. Virgin coconut oil is known to help in weight loss. It helps burn fat, especially in the abdominal region, and reduces appetite. It is also good for the functioning of hormones. Consuming virgin coconut oil helps treating candida and yeast infections, diabetes, insulin resistance, cholesterol and heart disease. Pure coconut oil is a rich source of vitamin E and extremely good for skin health. When applied externally, virgin coconut oil protects skin from UV Rays, relieves skin irritation and eczema and moisturises the skin. Virgin coconut oil for sale can be used for seasoning in daily cooking. It is also used to make coconut oil mayonnaise, cold oil coffee, coconut oil brownies or cakes, homemade butter and as salad dressings. For more information on coconut oil for sale, click here.
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