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Olive Oil Widely used in Mediterranean countries, olive oil is a highly valuable and expensive oil and is well known for its health and medicinal benefits. It is prized primarily as it is the best and healthiest type of oil. Olive oil is considered good for the heart and it is primarily helpful in keeping the heart and arteries in shape. Frequently referred to in the Bible and other ancient historical texts, it is today high in demand because it is a healthier choice. It is a staple part of Mediterranean cuisine and therefore is a significant crop in the agriculture of the area. With the popularisation of Italian and other Mediterranean cuisines around the world and the knowledge of the health benefits of olive oil, there is an increased demand for it and this has pushed up its value. The olive tree is widely cultivated throughout this region. In ancient times, the Greeks presented the olive leaves to the athletes at the Olympic games as it was believed that this would increase the physical ability of those who used it and that its powers were easily transferable to its users. Green olives and black olives are two kinds of olives. They are washed thoroughly in water to remove oleuropein, a bitter carbohydrate. Sometimes they are also soaked in a solution of sodium hydroxide in order to accelerate the process. Olive trees are now grown around the world in South Africa, Chile, Australia, Mediterranean Basin, Israel, Palestine, Spain, California, New Zealand, and Argentina



What Is Extra Virgin Olive Oil For sale?

Did you know that not all olive oils are created equal? Extra virgin olive oil is the best type of olive oil because it is cold-pressed and its chemical makeup has not been altered by heating.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the purest form of olive oil.

This particular extra virgin olive oil comes from a cold-pressed process and is made with a variety of olives, including Arbequina olives, Koroneiki olives, and multiple others. Extra virgin olive oils are often fruity in flavor with hints of peppery spice. The highest quality extra virgin olive oils are rich enough to be used on their own as a substitute for butter or any other cooking oil you would use for sautéing.

This edible oil is a pure form of olive oil that is extracted from unrefined olives. Virgin only refers to the first pressing of cold-pressed, fresh olives and does not imply any other quality. Extra virgin olive oil is rich in antioxidants and has been studied extensively for its cardiovascular health benefits.

Why Extra Virgin Olive Oil Is Healthier Than Refined Olive Oil

Still, extra-virgin olive oil does offer something extra that regular olive oil does not. Extra-virgin olive oil is pressed mechanically from ripe olives and processed without high heat or chemical solvents. This protects chemicals in the oil called phenols. In contrast, regular, highly processed olive oils lose these chemicals. Small laboratory-based experiments suggest that higher concentrations of phenols may provide extra antioxidant effects. Even so, there are no definitive studies that show extra-virgin olive oil has a greater ability than refined oil to prevent heart problems, cancer, or other diseases.

extra virgin olive oil

The Olive (Olea europaea)

The olive is a species belonging to the family Oleaceae, which is native to the coastal areas of the Mediterranean region, till areas like northern Iran. The olive is widely cultivated as it is an important part of the diet of these regions. Olive oil is extracted from the evergreen olive tree or shrub, which does not grow to much height. It is harvested when unripe or even later when it starts to take purple hues at the ripening stage. The olive tree is cultivated for good quality wood, beneficial leaves, and the fruit. The olive which is taken in raw form is used to extract oil. The fruit is bitter in taste due to the presence of Oleuropein, a carbohydrate and it is fermented or processed with lye or by soaking in brine.


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